Sunday, September 4, 2011

Calender of BRMs for 2012

All Randonneurs must be aware that the BRM calender is November to October and the present year is drawing to a close.
We have now to finalise the BRM calender for 01NOV11 to 31OCT12.
If anyone wishes to be an organiser do let us know the dates you need and the distance for that date.

Step two your route will have to be approved.
 The link below gives the form which you must fill for approval of the route.
Please fill this form and send me by email.
You must also e-mail me the route  in or or some such software.
Our email is
My number is +919967587326
I will continue to be available 24x7.


  1. Hi Satish,
    I would like to be involved in the process and will discuss this with you sometime next week.

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