Thursday, June 30, 2011

RandonneursIndia Cycling Jersey with Arm warmers and Shorts

These have been custom designed in USA and manufactured in Italy.
The cloth was specially selected for the Cold European summers which we Indians may not be able to tolerate.
Thermal Arm Warmers and the Jerseys are realized with ELASTIC MICRON on the front and on the sleeves for an OPTIMUM comfort and the BEST BREATHABILITY,  MICRON on the back and on the pockets for BETTER RESISTANCE.
SHORTS are with an ANATOMIC PATTERN to obtain the BEST PERFORMANCE REALIZED with LYCRA PERFORMER POWER, and a new ELASTIC FABRIC at the end of the shorts with NON SLIP silicone inside, to obtain the best wearability, and the best grip, WITHOUT COMPRESSION during the performance. 
THE PADS are with an ANATOMIC PATTERN  that reduces the excess of material, with DIFFERENT THICKNESS to obtain the MAXIMUM COMFORT and the STRONGEST PROTECTION with the LOWEST COMPRESSION in the critical points.

Super Roubaix fabric is a patented, fast recovery super stretch fabric, air permeable, strong, soft and easy to care.This s used in our Shorts and Arm warmers.
85%Polyamide 15% Lycra

The padding in the shorts also is  imported. 
The part next to the skin is in ELASTIC MICRON fabric that gives you an optimum breathability and an excellent softness.
The Central and the two back parts are realized with three different thickness to obtain the strongest protection and the lowest compression in the critical points. 
The side and front parts are textured.The paddings are made with a polyurethanic foam with a polyester base with cells  (Elio Cell) that gives you an optimum breathability and a 
HARD MEMORY with the squeezing.
Unfortunately it was not practicable to make a full sleeve jersey and long cycling tights.The picture shown is only for display.
 THE RANDONNEURS INDIA TEAM  together with NIKHIL MEHTA,PRABODH, WITH THE DESIGNERS RUPAL BHINDA (USA)  AND ROBERTA (ITALY)  spent a lot of time money and energy for us to see the final product,Satish will always be in their debt.
The described clothes may be seen with Prabodh Keny at Keny Cycles.

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