Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Excerpts of a letter from Audax Club Parisien Mr JG Faburel

Dear all,

As usual, I send you during this summer time (in the northern hemisphere!) a brief status of the BRM around the world during the last months and some requests for the next months…which are going to be more and more loaded for all of us!
Several new countries joined us during the last months and I am still waiting for some answers from other ones. There will be more than 40 countries organizing BRM in 2011 and we could reach the number of 50 countries soon. Thank to Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur, we are sharing world wide our passion for randonneuring and that’s a great news.
But the Randonneurs Mondiaux ‘s life is not always so nice. Niels-Ole Frederiksen, our representative for Denmark during many years, passed away on January 30th after a long struggle against cancer. Louis Beirinckx had a bad accident during a BRM 400 and he is still suffering now. Some of you have other health problems and you are still on track. Many thanks to them.
I would like to thank you all for your hard work during the last months and still now. The new pre registration rules increase the number of BRM ridden this year and you are facing that growth without any problem. It’s too early to give you accurate figures but we should be in 2010 over the number of BRM homologations for 2007 (outside France). At least, eight countries will be over 500 000 km of cumulated BRM in 2010. Only seven countries were over 500 000 km in 2007… That's one of the results of your great daily work for BRM.

We have now to prepare our calendar for next year. As we are going to have a lot to do, I ask you to return it to me no later than September 15. Of course, if your schedule is completed before september 15, please send it to me immediately. 
If you have new routes, I remind you that you have to send them to me for approval.

I would like also to receive a short presentation of your country for the next PBP brochure. I need 5 to 10 lines in english and in your own language, your photo and a photo of your country (riders, typical landscape, etc…). Please, don’t send me your presentation after October 15. If you can send it in September, it will be great.

I will send you more informations about PBP pre registrations, registrations and quotas in October or November.

 Feel free to ask me any questions about the 2010 homologations, the 2011 BRM calendar and any other topic about BRM.

Thanks for your great help.

Unquote  Jean-Gualbert Faburel
So friends there you are.
We need a short para in any regional language about our Randonneuring.Also some pics high resolution.
Please no pics with copyrights.They will become the property of Audax Club Parisien.

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