Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How one could train for THIS ? Respectably ;-)

This post is basically targeted for those enthusiastic cyclists who have not trained hard for any kind of competitions or personal bests or personal records.

Quite a few of who I have met up with wre in search of the holy grail of endurance cycling training.
So here goes my attempt at helping them.

1 First requisite One Must Cycle as frequently as possible.Frequency has priority over duration for the beginner.

2nd Now that you have started cycling and maintained a respectable frequency.
[Here we will agree that twice a week would not be respectable ;-)]
You will try to attain a respectable duration of on saddle time measured in time or in kms.This is called the Base mileage.
During the base mileage do not increase the weekly total by more than 15%(may be cause of burnout,injuries etc)
When you have done this You should be able to do comfortably a 60kms to 100kms ride on the weekends.

3 Since this is a tour do not worry about your speed.The most important ride is the weekly long ride or what some would call LSD (long slow distance).During this ride you should be able to speak short sentences comfortably.It is this ride which has most important for a tour or BRM.

The purpose of the long ride is to train your body's musculature, the Cardio, and the digestive systems.
The benefit of this ride is also psychological. If the LSD can be done comfortably, then our confidence is boosted.and the 31jan ride is surmountable.

4 The weekly ride is usually half of your weekly total.eg.,If your weekly total that is @30kms/day for 5days thats 150kms,you can easily do a 75km weekend ride and slowly get up to 100.Here we have taken a 6day week for riding and one day Rest.

5 The LSD weekend ride should increase by not more than 5-10% every week.You may increase more but then give your self an easy week.

6 Do eat before you go on the training rides some carbohydrates like cereals(oatmeal,porridge,cornflakes) fruits (bananas,figs).This will condition you to eat before the big day when it will be a necessity.Of course the dinner before the event should be loads of vegetarian Indian food.(I am partial to dal,chawal,roti ;-))

7 As to drinks nothing to beat H2O.One could start sipping at regular intervals after an hour and start nibbling food after 2 hrs.After 3hrs a big snack will help.

8 If one is into sugary drinks.Remember most drinks out there are 12 to 16 percent sugar.And our body is very friendly with a 4-6percent sugar solution.
check it out I think coke is 12% and has the added caffeine(this helps many) so if you take a flat coke and dilute it suitably there should not be any GI distress(eg.,stomach ache etc) and is cheaper than most sports drinks.

9 Try avoid carrying anything on the body like a backpack its not worth the energy(unless you are conditioned to this or carry a camelbak).Carry everything on the bike if possible.Wearing a cycling jersey helps to carry food etc in the back pockets, and if one can do hands free riding one can eat on the fly.

10 For the long rides Vaseline or similar cream in the groin or wherever there can be chaffing is recommended.

Please this is just off the cuff from my experience in cycling and various sport and not a learned dissertation use it as a guide and as you grow into the sport study and find what suits you.Pardon any errors in facts or numbers.The fact that you took the time to read all this is enough satisfaction for me.

Do not be discouraged if you find the numbers awesome.
Think one pedal at a time,take life two wheels at a time.

When you reach Mahalakshmi Temple on 31january2010 and turn around for the return leg you will not only be cominmg in to finish a BRM you will have embarked on a journey you will never forget for as long as you live.May your enjoyment never diminish.


  1. the math - 9 week ends to go ...
    55 kms coming weekend LSD
    200 km - Jan 31st

    wish a safe ride to all